Functions, that convince


Drag & Drop

Edit all pages by using the build in drag&drop functionality. Inserting content elements gets as easy as changing existing content.

Optimized for mobile devices

It doesn't matter where you're now. Use the for mobile devices optimized functions quickly and simply to public the newest infos, photos and videos.

Sell anywhere

Insert your products everywhere in your site. You can place products directly on subpages.

Your website in different languages

Define the content of your page in different languages.

Predefined content elements

Use the prefabricated contents for the creation of your site.

Responsive websites

All content elements adjust automatically to mobile devices. No further editing by you needed.



Modern designs

All design templates are handcrafted by our design-team.

Changeable designs

You can change the design every time you want, even if you already chose one.

Multifunctional designs

Our designs are created in view of the multifunctionality. Therefore, it's very easy to edit a template following a certain idea.

Everything customizable

Adjust all colors, pictures, fonts... to your needs

Mobile version included

You do not need to think about mobile optimization. All our designs are optimized for a good mobile experience.

Simple change of example contents.

All premade designs are shipped with example content. Change this content to your needs or keep it if you want.

Free Google webfonts

Optimize the font on your website with Google fonts.

Empty templates

For all those, who knows exactly what they don't need, we offer an empty template which helps you to create a site from thoroughly.

One site templates

With our one site templates, you can create a web site in a short amount of time, elaborating it with new subpages.

Start slowly, add more gradually

Start with a single page and add new content and pages time by time, so that your new page grows over time with your requirements.

Web site structure free configurable

With a few clicks, you can add side bars, navigation bars and much more or remove it.

Prefabricated bottoms

Every design template is made of several subpages. These subpages can be used as a basis for the creation of your site. You can also see on subpages, what's possible with Wimuu.



Sell your products

Offer an unlimited selection of products on your Wimuu web shop. Categorize it and add a filter.

Optimized for mobile devices

Your products are shown the best way on different devices. You don't need to worry. Wimuu works for you.

Inventory management

Manage your products with the integrated product management system to always have an overview of your offer. Not just for your web shop clients, but also for you.

Online shop optimized for search engines

All your products you sell online are being optimized so that your client can find them via Google.

Different types of delivery

Offer your client the desired shipping options. You have a lot of configuration possibilities.

Sundry modalities of payment

Choose from various modalities of payment.

Totally encodet

All transactions of the shop are being encoded to have the maximized security.

Flexible product options

Sell your products in different variants. Let your client choose free.

Options of visualizing

Choose the matching display type for your products.

Order confirmation via Email

Every order will be confirmed automatically by sending a order confirm to your client. You don't need to send it yourself. 


SEO & statistics

Statistics with Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics, you can see how many people access to your site. Professional statistics are available after the activation of your site.

Individually URL for every sub page

Every subpage has a unique URL, that helps search engines to find it.

Metadata for every sub page

Add a title and a description to every page.

Exclude pages from search engines

Exclude password protected pages from search engines.

Automatic sitemap

Choose the subpages shown in the sitemap. Wimuu creates it for you.

Shop system optimized for search engines

All products of your web shop are being optimized for search engines.

Optimized for Google, Bing & CO.

You don't need additionally plugins to optimize your website for search engines. All necessary options are already included.

Clean HTML markup

All our functions create clean HTML markup, so that your site can be simply indexed from search engines.


News & social media

Add news very fast

Add new contents to your site in a few minutes.

All content elements are always usable.

Use all contents on the system to insert news.

Incourage your clients to share your news

Complete your posts with buttons to Facebook, Twitter etc. and encourage visitors to share your contributions.

Facebook like botton

For a direct connection to Facebook.

Twitter follow botton

For a direct connection to Twitter.

Google +1 button

For a direct connection to Google+

Automatic news layout

The layout of your entries adapts automatically to the existing design.


Pictures & video

YouTube videos

Insert your YouTube videos directly in your website.

Upload pictures

Insert images simply via drag and drop.

Process photos

Upload and edit your images on Wimuu.

Create galleries

Show your pictures in a gallery.

Lightbox view

Show your images of your site in a lightbox.

Give your pictures subtitles

Complete your pictures with image-description.

Adjust size & position of every picture

Change size and position of your pictures directly within the design of your webpage - simply by using the build in drag&drop functionality

Transition effects for galleries

Define the transition effect of galleries


Domains & hosting

Custom domain for your website

Choose your preferred domain for your website.

Different TLDs possible

Choose from one of the available global domain endings to find the one that fits best to your needs.

Multiple domains for your website

Make your website available through more than one domain.

High-performance server

All sites on Wimuu are at maximum speed at any time due to our dynamic server infrastructure. If a single site needs more server power short-term our servers are capable of providing the needed power.

Other users' sites do not affect your site

Wimuu is designed in a way where one site doesn't influence any other site. For all sites the full power of our server infrastructure is available at any time. Your website has therefore the maximum available speed all the time!

Highspeed worldwide

Due to our worldwide server infrastructure your website can be accessed in high speed from anywhere in the world.


Sites & users

Protect sites

Restrict access to selected pages and define special users that are allowed access.

Multiple useraccounts for your site

Define multiple users that are allowed to edit your pages.

Exclude pages from menu

Remove selected pages from the menu but keep them accessible via the page's unique URL

Exclude pages from search engines

Prevent search engines of to access selected pages. So they will not be available in search results of the search engines.

Duplicate the whole site

Duplicate your page within seconds

All changes are stored (versioning)

All changes on your site will be protocolled and can be undone.

No editing mode necessary

You always work at the design of your site. Therefore Wimuu doesn't need a "preview". Every change on your site looks exactly how visitors see your page later.




Use the in Wimuu integrated contact form, to let visitors send messages to you.

Receive request via email

You'll get the requests of the contact form directly on your e-mail address.

Formdesigner for custom forms

Use the Wimuu form wizard to create individually forms with different functions.

Unlimited control to your forms

Insert the form at the desired position.


Languages features

Your website in multiple languages

Define different languages for your website. Your visitors can choose the desired one.

Automatic visitor language selection

Wimuu automatically recognizes the language of the visitor and shows your site in the specific language version (if available).

All spoken languages

Make your site available in every language.

Editor in your preferred language

Create your site in the desired language.

Integrate language selection through widget

Let your visitors choose their desired language.

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